Preparing files for print

Technical notes

In order to get best quality print, we recommend uploading high quality JPG or PNG images.
Each panel option in the customizer will list the optimal file resolution for that size panel.

Please note - these dimensions are a recommendation NOT a requirement. It is possible to upload lower resolution images, but we won't take responsibility if the print is blurry or pixelated as a result.

A note on cropping: when uploading your image you will be presented with the opportunity to crop your design - please note that cropping an image can reduce the overall quality and resolution of the upload, therefore we recommend only making minor adjustments (i.e. cropping your high resolution image to suit the aspect ratio of the case)

PNG vs JPEG ??

Please keep in mind the differences between JPEG and PNG files when uploading artwork - these differences may seem small but they are important in achieving the perfect print!

JPEG - the most common file type, is not capable of transparency but is perfect for "All-over" prints that a supposed to cover the entire surface of a panel.

PNG - a popular format that allows for transparencies but is usually substantially larger in file size.

Understanding Transparencies

Leaving an area blank in a PNG image will create a transparency, which can allow you to make some cool designs with negative space - especially on your side panel.

HOWEVER any area with semi-transparent colour elements will have a white layer printed beneath - this is because our printer uses a base layer of white underneath the colour layers to ensure your designs are vibrant and robust.

Custom Printing

How do we do it?

We use a combination of layered print systems and chemical bonding techniques to transform the surface of your PC into the perfect canvas to express your personal style - we've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars (and hours) to achieve the robust and vibrant results that our customers love!

Are these Decals or Vinyl stickers?

No! These are NOT Stickers or Decals or any other form of transfer!

We print directly onto the surface of the PC system, that means these designs will not peel off over time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you add more case options in the future?

Yes! We're already planning our next batch of cases to loaded into the custom printing system.

Is this a decal or a sticker?

Neither! we use a special process for print directly onto the PC Chassis and chemically bond the design in place - this creates an extremely robust print that will outlast stickers or decals and be much stronger than standard painting or print processes.

How long until I receive my Custom Case?

The average turn around for a custom pc case is approximately a week - but we often ship them out earlier than this!

If there are any significant delays or stock shortages we'll be in touch ASAP!

What is the warranty on my custom PC Case?

The standard 12 month warranty for your case still applies, however we do not cover cosmetic damage to the print itself. (i.e. we will not reprint your case due to scratches or other "wear and tear" on the case.)

Can you print on my case?

If you already have a PC case that you'd like us to print you'll need to disassemble your PC chassis and ship it to us, then we'll quote you on timeframe and costs involved.

Because of the extra measuring, designing and planning that goes into this kind of work, you should expect to spend approximately $1000 for a full case print.

Because of this, it's usually easier if you purchase a new case from us, that we can then print and ship out to you.

We've already done custom print jobs for customers all over NZ and AU, and so far this has been the safest way to operate, and leaves you with the least amount of downtime.

If you'd like to proceed with a custom case print on your own case - please fill out the form below.