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Playtech has been in the gaming business since 1991, we know quality, and we have you covered when it comes to the best gaming chairs. While the visual benefits of gaming furniture are fairly obvious, advantages like customisable armrests, built-in lumbar support and luxury-level comfort make these a must-buy for the serious gamer.

From the AKRacing K7012 Gaming Chair for under four hundred dollars to the Onyx Deluxe - AK Racings' first real leather chair - combining luxury and innovative design, Playtech understands what gamers need when it comes to comfort and getting the angle right.

Because we make our choices from decades of experience, we understand the value of excellent lumbar support, adjustable headrest and cutting-edge ergonomics. We also get the appeal of a streamlined gaming set-up, that’s why we stock a variety of chairs, and we offer options like the AK Racing Player Gaming Chair in pastel pink and the California, which is specially designed for a more petite gaming frame.

Our gaming chairs acknowledge the repetitive movements you will be making while you smash out your session, so rather than leaning into office chair comfort levels, we offer you the luxury of a sports car interior - and if you are hitting the sim track or heading into battle, you want to be supported and relaxed.

Pair the Octane Gaming Chair with the Arena Leggero Desk featuring intelligent cable management and a complete surface machine washable mouse pad. The Octane Gaming Chair sports a new armrest design, perfect for enhanced comfort across long sessions, and the bonus of a rocking 12-degree seat tilt for when the intensity level accelerates.

For an elite gaming experience, check out the AK Racing Premium V2 Gaming Chair with 30% more cold-cured foam for extra padding and a high-tensile aluminium base that can handle a workout.

Playtech understands the importance of the chair when it comes to power in the game. Browse our selection now to find your perfect match.

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