Playtech Finance

Pay off your purchase in installments with Playtech's bespoke finance solution.

We've partnered with our friends at Fingate Solutions to offer a special finance option that is perfect for larger purchases like gaming systems!

Just select Playtech Finance at checkout to begin an application!

Applications typically take 5-10 minutes to submit, and will require Photo ID and Proof of Income.

get the system that you want!

Upgrade to the PC of your dreams and pay it off weekly, for less than the cost of a pizza!*

Of course, you can still get the pizza - don't let us stop you!

Just select "Playtech Finance" at check to get started, or click the button below to pre-apply!


You will be required to provide photo ID during the application and to upload your bank statements via SMS at the end of the application.

Submitting your application takes just 5-10 minutes, but it might sometimes take a couple of hours for the finance team to run the credit checks and process your application.

Fingate Solutions are a a great payment and financing company that we've been using as our first choice for finance/hire purchase payments since the launch of our great new site!
You can find more info about them here.

*based on a the price of a $2500 PC paid off over 48 months - at payments of approx $14 p/week, Pizza price based on Dominos Large BBQ Chicken & Bacon (Greg's Favourite) Delivered.