Custom Printed PC Cases

Inject some personality into your next gaming PC with our innovative new printing process.
Our state of the art technology allows us to print designs directly onto the chassis and panels of your PC!

How do we do it?

We use a combination of layered print systems and chemical bonding techniques to transform the surface of your PC into the perfect canvas to express your personal style - we've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars (and hours) to achieve the robust and vibrant results that our customers love!

Are these Decals or Vinyl stickers?

No! We print directly onto the surface of the PC system, that means these designs will not peel off over time!

Can you print my case?

Probably, but you'll need to disassemble your PC and ship it to us, and then we'll quote you on timeframe and costs involved.

Because of this, it's usually easier if you purchase a new case from us, that we can then print and ship out to you.

We've already done custom print jobs for customers all over NZ and AU, and so far this has been the safest way to operate, and leaves you with the least amount of downtime.

Contact our staff if you'd like to learn more about custom printing cases.

Prices start at approx. $150 p/panel.