Return Shipping Guide


To make sure the product being returned to Playtech under warranty is not damaged in transit, please review the following tips:

  1. Use a rigid cardboard box, please avoid using damaged or squashed boxes.

  2. Ensure there is adequate room inside the box for adequate packing material. If the box is too small the goods may not be protected, if it is too big you will require extra packing material.

  3. surround the item with packing material. E.G bubble wrap, packaging foam & scrunched up newspapers are ideal.

  4. Tape the box closed, ensuring to cover all the seams.

  5. Attach the return courier label and drop it off at your local post office.

To ship the product to Playtech without delay, please review the following guidelines:

  •   In instances where a product has been deemed DOA by a Playtech Technician within the seven-day DOA period, we will issue a return courier ticket, please ensure the your details on the label are correct before sending the package.
  •  Please clearly write your Service ID number in a blank space on the shipping label.
  •  It is usually easier to drop off your package at the post office, as booking a collection doesn't usually allow you to determine the pick-up time.
  •  Take a photo of the packed box before you send it, if there is any damage done during shipping it will help if we can confirm that the damage happened after you shipped it.
  •   Don't forget- if we do not receive the product within 14 days of the RMA/Support ticket being issued, the RMA case will be closed, and you will have to re-apply.