The right set up can elevate your gaming to master levels. Playtech supplies gaming gear that locks in blistering fast refresh rates, eliminates ghosting and tearing and provides a full gamut of pro colour.

When it comes to winning across style, it’s all about a streamlined combo. Once you’ve locked in your PC, it’s time to lean into synergy with the best gaming monitor options. Playtech loves the Gigabyte M34wq 34" 144hz Wqhd 1ms Ips Kvm for rapid 1ms MPRT Response Time, 8-bit colour, and WQHD True Resolution at 3440x1440. 

This monitor sits pretty alongside the 28-inch TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A 4K UHD when it comes to Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync and Exclusive Variable Overdrive technology, working hard to produce sharper visuals eliminate ghosting, and dismiss tearing with elevated frame rates.

We supply NZ-wide and we can help you get the best result from your session and nothing says pro like the ultra-fast artefact-free performance you can expect with the current sync technology provided by Adaptivesync, coming in at an ample 23.8”. Whatever you need, Playtech has you covered.

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