Simulator Demolition Derby with Wreckfest!

Great news, we've just loaded Wreckfest on all of the racing simulator systems at the Playtech Race Room!

Wreckfest is a racing game that perfectly combines demolition derby and racing with realistic physics and impressive destructibility. It has been highly praised by gamers worldwide for the immersive and thrilling experience it provides.

Playing Wreckfest on a PC racing simulator system takes the experience to a whole new level. With amazing graphics from our hardcore Playtech gaming systems and high-quality peripherals like our direct drive steering wheels, mechanical pedals and gear shifters, sim-racers can enjoy a realistic and exhilarating racing experience like no other!

If you love to race, but you're looking for something less serious and more fun - playing Wreckfest on a PC racing simulator system is an excellent choice for an immersive and thrilling race experience!

Wreckfest is also great for group bookings like birthday parties!

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