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FREE Good Sh*t Soda with orders over $300*

Spend over $300 this Xmas* and you can add a 4 pack of Good Sh*t Soda to your cart for FREE!

Scroll down at the shopping cart page to add them to your cart - or visit the collection page and add them manually if you're having trouble viewing them on mobile. 


When your shopping card meets the criteria, the Soda will be discounted to $0 dollars - a bargain!

Never heard of Good Sh*t before?
Good Sh*t is the world’s first Pre + Probiotic soda that comes in four yum flavours: ColaCitrus, Berry and Ginger.

It tastes like real soda, minus the nasties. Every can contains one third of your Daily Fibre and 1 Billion Probiotics.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand!

Good Sh*t is good for your Insides.

*Promotion excludes digital delivery products