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Wrapping up the Playtech Loyalty Program

That's a Wrap!

Just a year ago when we launched our new website, we thought it'd be great to reward our most loyal customers with a rewards points program!

Since then, we've heard the feedback from you all that you'd rather be rewarded at time of purchase with extra goodies and discounts, rather than rewards points to cash in next time!

We hear you - and we've got some great ideas lined up for the new year, but it feels wrong just to end things without sweetening the deal a little bit!

So what's the deal?
From now until Xmas - We'll honor rewards points at 2x their normal rate!

Consider it our little Xmas gift to you!

What happens after Xmas?
But once Xmas rolls around...That's it!

Redemptions will be closed FOREVER!

Can I still earn rewards points?
As of today - Rewards points will no longer be issued.

How do I redeem these points?
Follow the instructions here.