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Getting into Esports with Victory Up

It seems like almost every day someone asks us what the best way to get into Esports and competitive gaming is - and our answer is always the same!

Check out Victory Up!

Victory up are an awesome NZ based Competitive gaming organisation and tournament platform that holds amazing local Esports events online and in-person.
If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of competitive gaming, then Victory Up is a great place to start! Who knows? you could even end up competing in-person at one of their awesome live events!

Some of you may know we've had a long history of supporting Esports in NZ, so much so that we get a lot of these types of questions through our social media - so we've decided to dedicate a page on our website to answering some of the most commonly asked Esports questions!

Check out Victory Up here:

Check out our Esports Landing page here: