Shield Coating 5ml
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Shield Coating 5ml Thermal Paste

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Thermal Grizzly Shied Coating 5ml

  • Application Temperature -20° C to 110° C
  • Curing time 30 min at 20 °C
  • Typical Application CPUs, GPUs, Mainboards

The Thermal Grizzly Shield Component Protection was developed to protect sensitive components, especially those around the CPU and GPU die. The paint insulates against liquids and electricity, making it perfect for those using liquid metal, or electrically conductive heat transfer agents.

Thermal Grizzly TG Shield is a high temperature conformal coating to protect components from liquid metal short circuits.

TG Shield is fast drying for quick application and will provide reliable protection of PC components in combination with liquid metal.

The integrated brush allows easy and precise application. The wide operating temperature allows application around CPUs and GPUs even at high operating temperature.

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