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Explore a better reality with Playtech's premium packages. Discover direct drive and customisable bundles and lift your game with perfect add-on bundles that are designed to magnify your in-game experience towards total immersion. 

Browse the Moza R12-FSR-CRP Direct Drive Bundle, built for top-tier play with an FSR Steering Wheel, CRP Load Cell Pedals, and R12 Direct Drive Wheel Base. Take on the track with a Direct Drive Wheel Base that delivers maximum torque, exceptional durability, intelligent temperature control, and single-click upgrades. 

Put the pedal to the metal with our CRP option, which includes a cutting-edge pressure sensor, versatile adjustable angles and a three-stage clutch. Lean into high-precision road racing that delivers exceptional sensation with our popular Moza R9-CS-SRP Direct Drive Bundle, or design a custom sim package with our easy online builder tools.

Our carefully curated Add On Bundle includes the Moza HGP Gated Shifter and the Moza HBP Handbrake. 

Shop bundles at Playtech now and access discounted rates and the best selection of in-game gear available online.

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