What does "Lifetime Tech Support" mean? - Playtech

What does "Lifetime Tech Support" mean?

You may have seen that we recently began offering Lifetime Tech Support on our PCs!

First of all, let's just be clear - we mean the lifetime of the PC, not the lifetime of you!

But what is the lifetime of a PC? it can be hard to say - so we've put together an outline of what we'll cover.

As long as the PC is still functioning in it's original hardware configuration we still  consider it to be a "Playtech PC" - this includes selected upgrades performed by Playtech as part of your Lifetime Tech Support.

For example, Graphics Cards, Hard Drives, RAM, Cooling and other PCI add-on cards installed by Playtech do not void the status of the "Playtech PC"

Upgrades performed by end users or third parties however, will risk losing this lifetime support - simply because we can't vouch for the quality of components that aren't purchased from us - and as much as we'd love to - we also can't vouch for the installation if it's carried out by "non-playtech" technicians.

In saying that, we do recognize that our customers are a pretty tech-savvy bunch, so we recommend contacting us here at Playtech before performing any hardware upgrades so we can evaluate the status of your system, and if these upgrades will have any affect.