Having trouble logging in? - Playtech

Having trouble logging in?

If you haven't shopped with us for a couple weeks, you may have noticed that our site is looking a little bit different from the last time you were here!

What happened?
At the start of November we shifted our entire database over to this fancy new website, which is running on an entirely new online platform. Because we encrypt all of your sensitive user data (like passwords) it means that we weren't able to bring it across to the new platform with us!😥 

Where's my old account?
The good news is that it's super easy to for us to link things back up to get you up and running again. All you need to do is register a new account using the same email address as your old account - you'll be able to resume shopping immediately and our team will automatically get a notification your new account to migrate across all of your loyalty points.

What about my old orders?
We actually keep all of your orders in a separate database that controls our inventory and stock movement, so they're all still safe! We'll be migrating them across to the new website shortly - but for the mean time just shoot us a message on live chat if you need to access them, or you could have a look through your inbox, the links to your old invoices will still be live!


Still have questions? just ask us in the live chat! Click the speech bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen!