Which CPU brand is better? Intel or AMD?

Which CPU brand is better? Intel or AMD?

When it comes to gaming performance, both Intel and AMD have their strengths and weaknesses. Intel has long been known for its single-core performance, while AMD has focused on multi-core performance.

Intel's latest processors offer impressive gaming performance thanks to their high clock speeds and powerful single-core performance. These processors are particularly well-suited to gaming at high resolutions and high frame rates.

However, AMD's Ryzen processors have caught up to Intel in recent years, particularly with their latest Ryzen series. These new Ryzen processors are particularly impressive in terms of gaming performance, offering strong single-core performance as well as impressive multi-core performance.

Overall, both Intel and AMD offer strong gaming performance, with Intel excelling in single-core performance and AMD excelling in multi-core performance. While Intel processors are regarded as generally more expensive, they offer particularly impressive performance in high-resolution, high-frame-rate gaming scenarios which often means their “price to performance” ratio is actually really good.

Here at Playtech, we consider the choice in processor is just one part of the puzzle and excellent systems can be built with either brand CPU.

As always: context is key! Your choice of components should be determined by your needs and budget, rather than which brand is cool at the moment!

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