Xbox Steering Wheels

The Playtech Xbox Steering Wheel range has you covered for smoother sessions, better torque, and no more dead zones on the track. 

Experience the Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Wheel Sparco P310 Competition Mod For Xbox One & PC with an unlimited magnetic tech lifespan, 40 Watts of power and a brushless motor that joins a dual belt system and embedded cooling system that quietly maintains optimal temperatures. 

Pick the TS-XW SERVO BASE - PC / XBOX® featuring exceptional velocity. Enhances your ride across balance and linear performance by utilising an axle-mounted system that slides on metal ball bearings to provide realistic, responsive action and streamline the user experience like never before.

For these products and the best selection of gaming gear, including Xbox/PC Wheel and Xbox/PC Wheel Base options, shop Playtech to keep it real.

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