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If you want to be a player, you have to get in the game. Playtech makes it easy to move your racing experience out of the mundane and into the meta with an exceptional selection of 

Playstation, Xbox and PC-compatible wheel options.

Choose from Thrustmaster and Moza Racing and get covered across PC and console. Select the GS V2 Steering Wheel Direct Drive Addon Wheel from Moza to experience the thrill of full immersion with a GT-style racing wheel that arrives E-sports ready. 

Or shop the R12 Direct Drive Wheel Base, a 12 Nm direct drive set up, customised to serve up realistic steering force and breathtaking feedback that enhances your ride beyond your wildest dreams. 

Browse the Thrustmaster TM Leather 28 GT Addon Wheel or choose the RS D-Shape Steering Wheel Direct Drive Addon Wheel featuring luxurious leather, four magnetic paddles and an authentic design verification process used across the real-world auto industry.

Playtech has it all right here online; we don’t compromise on quality when it comes to racing wheels, and neither should you range below!

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