PC Steering Wheel

If you are ready for the ultimate road racing experience, you are prepared to shop the premium PC steering wheel range from Playtech. Immerse yourself in a full range of car handling characteristics with precision simulated steering forces and customise your settings to develop your unique winning style. 

Browse products like the R12 Formula Direct Drive Wheel Bundle that delivers race and road reality to your fingertips with 12 Nm’s of realistic torque and the kind of feedback that lets you feel the track, the car, and the pure excitement of steering force that flawlessly replicates a Formula 1 or GT racing experience.

Discover PlayStation dominance with the Thrustmaster T-GT II Racing Wheel W/ Pedals, designed for the serious racer and officially licensed for Gran Turismo and PS5, with over 20,000 hours of research to provide an intense 3D delivery that will keep your head in the game.

Explore Direct Drive Bundles, dedicated PlayStation PC Wheels, Xbox PC Wheels and more at Playtech now.

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