Haptic & Motion Simulation Platforms

Discover your best performance yet with realism that extends past personal into the league of professional pilots and drivers. 

Playtech offers a premium selection of Haptic Gaming Pads and Motion Platforms, including the exceptional Next Level Racing Traction Plus Platform that offers broad compatibility, unrivalled precision and realism and the benefit of 4 years of intensive development and testing.

Explore the Next Level Racing HF8 Haptic Gaming Pad for haptic feedback that emerges from eight vibration zones placed to maximise your in-game experience with universal design optics that fit every chair. 

Take your music, movies and games over the top with this cutting-edge haptic and motion platform technology that works across first-person shooter, sim racing and flight sims to produce powerful localised sensations.

Experience groundbreaking tech with Playtech’s expert eye and your hunger for the win.

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