Green Screen MT
Green Screen MT
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Green Screen MT Green Screen

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Mountable Chroma Key Panel

Expansive Immersion
Chroma keying gives you the visual power to embed yourself in any content you choose. The creative freedom to personalize your stream in any way imaginable. With Green Screen MT, this power and freedom is yours – in one swift motion that instantly ups your production value.

Streamlined Profile
Leverage the perfect balance between sleek construction and pro performance. Green Screen MT sports panoramic dimensions that cover your entire height and wingspan, without occupying a single inch of floor space.

Smooth Operation
Mount Green Screen MT on your wall or ceiling, pull the handle down to any position, and let the precision roller automatically lock your screen in place. Easy.

Superior Screen
Green Screen MT redefines what you can expect from studio-grade compositing fabric. Premium Dacron ® fibers ensure a durable, wrinkle-free spread, while optimized chroma green guarantees the cleanest key you can get. No seams. No ripples. Just pure perfection from edge to edge.

Rewinding design
It’s a wrap? Simply give the handle a quick tug, and release. The screen will gracefully disappear into its protective metal casing, snug and out of sight. Ready to immerse you time and time again.


Dimensions (screen) - 200 x 180 cm
Dimensions (retracted) - 212 x 8 x 9.5 cm
Material - 100% polyester (Dacron® by DuPont)
Weight - 5.4 kg


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