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Custom PC Builder


Select from any of the options above and design your own custom system.
After you place your order our team of expert technicians will assemble your system and ship it out to you as soon as possible.

Our Enthusiast Intel PC Designer is based around cutting edge Intel core processors.
Intel CPU's offer outstanding performance for gaming and productivity workloads and are perfect for users with high performance demands.

We've done all the leg work, so you can go through and choose whatever combination of components you like, compatibility is built into the builder, so choices will affect further available options going through each step.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I receive my PC?

The average turn around for a custom system is approximately a week - but we often ship them out earlier than this!

If there are any significant delays or stock shortages whilst building your system we'll be in touch ASAP!

Are all these parts compatible? Will my build even work?

Our technicians have carefully curated the options available to ensure everything is compatible - all you need to do is choose!

What happens if I don't order a copy of Windows?

If you don't wish to purchase a copy of Microsoft Windows with your PC then you have two options:

1. Install Windows Without Activation - our team will install an unactivated trial version of Windows on your PC, and you can activate it with your own serial number. Please indicate which version of Windows you'd like us to install on the comments of your order, if no indication is given we'll install Windows 10 home.

2. Operating System Not Required - if this option is selected we will not install an operating system and the PC will be provided to you with all the hardware assembled and ready for you to install and activate your own OS of choice.

What does the "Parts" Warranty cover?

This is the standard manufacturers warranty that applies to all of the parts that we sell - this means that each individual part has it's own warranty, and if you have an issue with one of these parts the RMA will be processed for this part individually. An RMA for this kind of warranty generally involves the end user (you) removing the faulty part and returning it to Playtech for fault testing, this may require some basic troubleshooting on behalf of the end user.
If you require us to troubleshoot the hardware and diagnose the fault on your behalf there may be some service charges involved.
The way we look at it is this:Our custom builder allows you to select a range of PC components and then contract us to assemble them for a fee - but the warranty is on the individual parts rather than the "PC" itself.

What does the "Playtech Advantage Warranty" Cover?

This warranty includes a hardware warranty for parts -as well aslabour and troubleshooting. This means if you have a problem with your PC that isn't caused by software/malware - then just reach out to us and we will arrange for our technicians to troubleshoot and repair your PC under warranty.
It is rare for these repairs to incur any additional cost unless the issue is caused by physical damage, virus/malware or other form of user error.

What is "Stress Testing"?

Stress testing is when we take a freshly built PC and run it through a series of diagnostic tests that analyze how it performs under heavy load - this helps us determine if all the parts are performing at their best capacity.
If you're an advanced user you may wish to perform these tests yourself - but if you do so please report any irregularities within the 7 day DOA period from the date of receiving the machine.