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Circle Home Plus

#1 parental controls for all your devices

    Limit screen time and block online content for mobile phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and more.
    Download the Circle App and connect the Circle Home Plus device to your router to start managing every device, at-home and away.
    Adjust individual family member’s settings based on age and maturity.
    Features 1Gb Ethernet port.

Circle’s award-winning parental controls let you manage screen time and monitor not just some, but ALL websites and apps. With our complete in-home and on the go solution, you set the rules for sites like YouTube, TikTok, HouseParty (and many more) across all your family’s connected devices.

Manage all your family's devices.
Once your Circle Home Plus arrives, download the Circle Parental Controls App to get started. Set up the Circle Home Plus device on your Wi-Fi router, and Circle will detect all your family’s internet-connected devices. By installing the Circle app on mobile devices, you can manage them away from home as well.

Family screen time, covered.
From social media to distance learning, start managing your kids’ online activity. Customize what’s right for your family. Set healthy time limits and filter content—across every device—from one simple app.


Circle has both Kid and Teen Filters (and more) built in to match your family’s needs. Filters are fully customizable for each family member’s Profile letting you decide which apps and websites are allowed and not allowed.Usage
Monitor your family’s online screen time. Compare online behavior to yesterday, last week or last month. With Usage you can see how much time your family is spending on different websites and apps.History
Get a detailed view of the sites each family member visits throughout the day across every connected device.Time Limits
Worried about kids spending too much time with one game or app? With Time Limits parents decide how much (or how little) family members should spend on certain websites, games or apps.Bedtime
Make late-night scrolling a thing of the past. Set an internet Bedtime for each family member’s devices (yes, yours too!). You decide when each Profile should disconnect from the Internet.Focus Time
Schedule offline time in advance so you can enjoy family time, make time for homework or let kids finish their chores distraction-free.

The internet now has a Pause button. With a quick press of one button, the internet stops and you have your family’s full attention. Parents can Pause a single Profile or the whole house.Location
Keep track of your family’s mobile devices. Enable location services and track mobile devices (and your kids) wherever they go.Rewards
Grant extra online time when chores are complete or good grades are earned. With Rewards parents can extend Time Limits, disable an Off Time, or give a later Bedtime.

Additional features 

Safe Search
Safe Search defaults Google and Bing searches to remove explicit content from their results.

Every Device
Whether tablet, smart phone, or gaming console, Circle knows every device connected to your home network.

Guest Devices
Circle even recognizes when a guest joins your Wi-Fi. All new devices are set to be unmanaged until assigned to a profile.

Circle also gives you the choice to not manage a device or profile through the Circle App.

Receive push notifications when a family member reaches a time limit or when a new device joins your network.

Home Plus device

Easy to use
Plug it in, download the app, and it’s ready to go. You never have to touch it again.

Covers everything
Circle Home Plus manages every connected device in your home, including phones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more.

Set profiles
You can set and adjust each family member’s settings individually, customizing access to different types of content.

Works unplugged
A built-in backup battery keeps Circle Home Plus running even if it’s unplugged. You’ll get a notification telling you it’s been disconnected.

Super fast
Circle Home Plus is built for fast networks with a 1GB Ethernet port.

Tech Specifications

What’s Inside
Circle Home Plus device
Quick Start Guides
Ethernet Cable
USB C Cable
USB Power Adaptor

Weight & Dimensions
Width: 8.25cm
Depth: 8.25cm
Height: 8.25cm
Weight: 222g

Power & Battery
100-240V Power Supply
Lithium-ion Rechargeable Single Cell
Charges via USB-C

2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
Wired Ethernet 1000Mbps

App Requirements
iOS 12 and newer
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and newer


Set Up Circle Home Plus

Create your Circle Account

Set Up Family Profiles


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