The Playtech Advantage

More than the sum of their parts.

Every system that leaves our workshop has been built from the ground up with the utmost care and consideration to ensure that you end up with a system that inspires you, that you can rely on and be entertained by for years to come.

When you buy a PC from us, you're not just getting a "box of parts" that have been assembled - you're getting a machine that was built with decades worth of experience and the utmost attention and professional care.

3 Year Warranty.

All Playtech designed systems include a 3 year warranty at no additional charge!

Other retailers stop at two years, or will make you pay for extra coverage, not us.


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The Playtech PC 3 Year warranty includes hardware faults and manufacturers defects, but doesn't cover physical damage, viruses, malware, software errors or other "non hardware" related issues. Any damages that are caused by the user may void the 3 year warranty, so we encourage you to reach out to our support staff before attempting any repairs.  

Lifetime Tech Support.

We also offer Hardware Tech Support for the lifetime of every Playtech PC**
This includes FREE installation of upgrades bought through Playtech!

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As long as the PC is still functioning in it's original hardware configuration we consider it to be a "Playtech PC" - this includes selected upgrades performed by Playtech as part of your Lifetime Tech Support. For example, Graphics Cards, Hard Drives, RAM, Cooling and other PCI add-on cards installed by Playtech do not change the status of the "Playtech PC", However - Upgrades performed by end users or third parties will risk losing this lifetime support. We recommend contacting Playtech before performing any hardware upgrades.

Thoroughly Tested.

Every Playtech PC must pass a rigorous stress test to ensure that it meets our high standards of performance and reliability before it's sold.

Performance Cooling

We design our systems with serious use in mind.

All of our PC systems have been tuned for optimal airflow and thermal performance.

Awesome Aesthetics

All Playtech systems are designed to perform well, and look good while doing it!