Getting Started

Step 1

Once you’ve been accepted into our Partner program, you should receive an email that looks like this - make sure to check your Junk Folder!

Step 2.

Click the link and create your account by entering a password, make sure to choose a strong one that you won't forget!

Step 3.

Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to log in and manage your rewards.

From the main page you’ll be able to see your referral link – this is the link that you should give to your followers so that we can track their purchases!

Using Your Link

Link in Bio

Your link can be placed directly into your bio on social media - but we think it looks cooler when you use tools like Linktree!

Twitch panels

You can use the images in the "marketing tools" section of your account page to add the referral link to your twitch "about" section!
Choose an image that is relevant to your partner group, then cut and paste your referral link into the "Image Links To:" field.

Please don't use custom images without getting the all clear from our team first!

Using HTML Links

If you're integrating your link into a website, then just cut and paste your referral code into your HTML as the link destination!

If your website has multiple links back to us on different pages don't forget to update them all to your affiliate link so you don't miss out on any comissions!

Check out the below example:

<a href="">Shop Playtech Now</a>

Getting Paid!

Select Payment Method

Depending on which partner group you are in you may have different options, but the default will be "Store Discount Codes" for most affiliates.

Select the desired method and click "submit"


Once payments are set up you'll be able to click the "redeem" button to cash out payments when they meet your partner group's threshold.

Please note that not all payment options have the ability to "cash out" and are instead on a payment schedule, and will be paid out at fixed intervals each month.


Head to the "settings" page and look for the "Referral code" section - from here you can adjust the "code" that is used to track your referrals!
This is great if you rebrand your channel!

Sometimes you might want to link directly to a product, rather than your default link location.
i.e. if someone asks you "Which flavor should I get?" or "Which Playtech PC looks the coolest?"

Or perhaps you've written a cool blog post or made a product review, and sending people to your usual landing page might not be desired.

In these cases, you can head to the marketing tools page and create a custom referral link!

Just find the product you'd like to link to on the Playtech website, then cut and paste the link into the box and the tool will generate a referral code especially for that link.

Then just click copy and past it wherever you like -but don't forget that if the product isn't incentivized in your partner group then you may not receive a commission!

We've set up these categories that link directly to the products that are included in our main partner groups.

Standard Partner Program

The first is our "standard" group - which links to 500+ of our "core" products.
The only products we exclude from this category are super low margin products like internal PC components (CPU's, hard drives etc) and Apple products - simply because we make very little money on them anyway!
You can view the range here: General Purpose Affiliate Collection.

Please note that this category is "alive" and we're constantly updating it to keep the range as broad as possible - but occasionally we may need to remove products too!

X-Gamer Partner ProgramThis category is a little easier to define - for this partnership we incentivize the 600g Tubs of X-gamer. You can see the range here: X-Gamer Affiliate Collection.

New Programs

As we develop the partner program there'll be more options and categories to choose from, we'll let you know when we launch new programs - and if you feel your current program isn't quite resonating with your audience please don't be shy, reach out to us and we'll work something out!