The 2021 School year is not far away, so make sure you're ready with a new device!
Whether it's Primary School, Intermediate, High School or even University - we're got plenty of options for BYOD!

What is BYOD?

Check out this handy guide we put together about BYOD!

it's mainly oriented towards parents of primary students who are looking into BYOD devices for the first time.

Flexible Payment Options

We have perhaps the most comprehensive range of payment options available of any NZ technology retailers!

Which device is right for you?

Primary & Intermediate

Chromebooks are the safest bet for primary and intermediate aged students, as they offer a safe and secure environment and have a comprehensive suite of software that caters perfectly to childhood education.

We've set up a guide about BYOD chromebooks here:

High School

Although Chromebooks will still be useful for most High School students, it really depends on which classes they decide to pursue, as some subjects will allow them dive into more complicated computer software which may require a Windows or Mac operating system.

Check out our Windows Laptops here:


For University students it pays to double check if there is any course specific software that may limit your choices, but for the most part a lightweight notebook is going to be a fairly safe bet.

We really like the new range of Apple notebooks with the M1 chip, as they offer a pretty amazing level of power and portability that makes them perfect for University!

Need a Bag?

We've got plenty of great bags and cases to keep your new device safe!

Whether it's just a basic sleeve to slip inside a backpack, or a specially designed backpack with padded compartments - we'll have something to fit your needs and budget!