Racing Stands & Racing Wheel Stands

Take your racing experience to the next level with Playtech’s range of racing stands and racing wheel stands. Leave amateurs in the dust with a premium set-up, including sim monitor stands, sim cockpit accessories, mats, and other add-ons that enhance your immersion experience.

Discover peak racing with the Elite Quad Monitor Stand in Carbon Grey that allows you to support up to four monitors, incorporating tilt adjustment options across angle, height and width for each monitor separately. 

Access Next Level Racing® custom cable management solutions, and enjoy tough manufacturing with screen support up to 65 inches with aluminium extrusion, custom endcaps and fully adjustable feet when you choose the Elite Freestanding Single Monitor Stand. 

Add on the Elite Freestanding Overhead Quad Monitor Stand and Racing Wheel Stand 2.0

to elevate your session and lay the groundwork for your set-up with a Next Level Racing Floor Mat Sim Cockpit Accessory.

Shop these and a broad range of exceptional gear at Playtech now.

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