Monitor Mounts

Mounting your monitor is a great way to alleviate strain on your neck and shoulders; it balances your head weight better, and this can minimise strain - especially if you are settling in for a long session.

It also streamlines your gaming set-up, providing an opportunity to clear a cluttered desk, manage your cords and work your angles.

Playtech stocks a full motion, desk clamping monitor mount that adjusts on the vertical, clip routes your cables and allows portrait and landscape viewing with a full 360° rotation. The Brateck Single LCD Monitor Table Stand has a grommet mounting option and an 8kg weight capability.

If you want to increase the excitement factor, choose the LDT54-C012U Identity Gaming Monitor Arm. This innovative design includes RGB lighting from the base, through the lower and into the upper arm. This model has an excellent articulation range and can handle a 2-9 kgs monitor.

For a better gaming experience check out the monitor mounting options in the Playtech product range today.

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