Surgical grade face masks in stock and shipping now!

Surgical grade face masks in stock and shipping now!

It's no secret that people are beginning to get a bit worried about access to masks and sanitation products as the Omicron situation develops.
However, we've seen some really gross behavior from other retailers who are attempting to take advantage of the situation by raising their prices to 2 or 3 times the normal price - often for inferior "single ply" and "non-surgical" grade products!

We understand the nature of running a business, and that supply chain issues can effect pricing - but seriously.... some of these prices are ridiculous!

Here at Playtech we have a wide variety of customers in the medical and dental industries so since the start of the pandemic we've been stocking masks and sanitation products to make sure that we were able to keep our own staff, families and customers as protected as possible during these chaotic times.

This means that we've built some good relationships with suppliers and still have access to a good supply of 3-Ply Type 2R (IIR) Surgical masks, Ear loop adjusters and Sanitizers at a fraction of the price some these other companies are asking for - in stock and shipping now!

Check them out here.