Showroom Closures during META High School Esports League - Playtech
As we approach our 30th year of business we've been working hard to give back to the awesome NZ gaming community that has helped us grow so much over the years, this is why we've been so excited to get involved with the META High School Esports League - An NZESF certified competitive gaming league for NZ high school students!
Part of our agreement with Victory Up & The Shadownet is that we'll help them broadcast the full season of the esports league live from the Playtech studio.

As such we will be closing our showroom early on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next couple of months so that we can set up the studio and handle the broadcast.

During this time you can still come to collect your orders, we're just asking that you collect them from our staff the warehouse door (about 4 meters to the right of our front door)

More info on the META High School Esports League here.