Redeeming Loyalty Points - Playtech

Redeeming Loyalty Points

ATTENTION - As of 13/12/2021 Loyalty Points will no longer be issued.
See our announcement here.

What are Playtech Coins?

Simply put, Playtech coins (or PTC) are our way of rewarding our customers for shopping with us!


What do they do?

Playtech Coins can be used to redeem discounts on your future orders!


What are they worth?

For every $1 you spend in the Playtech online store, you'll receive 5 Playtech Coins! 1000 Playtech coins have a redeemable value of $1.


Are there any limitations?

The minimum spend for redeeming loyalty points is 1000 coins ($1) - Loyalty points can not be used for purchasing digital delivery products of playtech gift cards.

How do I redeem them?

 Step 1
Click here Blue button in the corner of your screen to load the Playtech coin menu.
Step 2
Click the "ways to redeem" button.
Step 3
From this page you can click the "redeem" button to generate a custom discount code!
Step 4
Choose how man points you'd like to consume, then click the "redeem" button.
Step 5
Your code has now been generated! You can apply the discount directly to your shopping cart by selecting "Apply code".
Step 6
When you're ready to check out you will see the discount applied to your order!