5 reasons to upgrade to a new Playtech PC!

5 reasons to upgrade to a new Playtech PC!

Thinking about upgrading? check out this list we've compiled of the five best reasons to go for it!

1. Play the latest games!

There are tons of great games coming out all the time, and if you're stuck with an old PC you're most likely going to have to play them at lower settings just to be able to play them!
With a new PC you'll be able to turn up the graphics and play them in a way that doesn't leave you frustrated with low frame rates and bad graphics!


Elden Ring
Halo Infinite

2. New hardware and software features

New hardware can often give awesome new features like Nvidia's RTX Raytracing, or DLSS as well as cool software like Nvidia Broadcast, which is amazing for up & coming Streamers!
RTX Raytracing
Nvidia Broadcast

3. Waayyy faster load times!

Storage technology has progressed leaps and bounds over the last couple years!
These days we use M.2 NVMe solid state hard drives, which plug directly into your motherboard and run rings around traditional solid state and mechanical drives!

HDD Speed comparison
Image from ATP Technologies "SATA vs. NVMe, Is it time for NVMe?

4. Quieter fans & lower temperatures!

Modern computers are more efficient than ever, which means they generate a LOT LESS heat when you're gaming!
In turn, this means the fans don't have to spin up as high, so they'll produce a lot less noise!

5. Secure your Data!

Mechanical hard drives are actually only designed to be run for 3-5 years - so if you've got a lot of big old drives that are holding all your precious data, you could be risking a catastrophic loss!


Dead Hard Drive

Heard enough? get in touch!
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