Which PC do I need to play Fortnite?

Which PC do I need to play Fortnite?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Playtech is "What kind of PC do I need to play this game?"
We understand that PC specifications are a tricky thing to understand, and the PC Industry moves so quickly that if you haven't got your fingers on the pulse then it can be easy to lose track of which components you'll need to play your favourite games.

This is why we've decided to start a new series of articles that help to answer this question, in each article we'll take a look at a popular game and make a couple of recommendations on which Systems would be good for that game!

This week we're taking a look at Fortnite - one of the most popular games at the moment!

Fortnite has a reputation for having low PC requirements, so we're proud to say that even our most basic Samurai system will handle the game at high settings in Full HD resolutions at 60FPS (Check out our Samurai Silver here

 Samurai Silver

HOWEVER if you're a serious competitive player and you want to maintain super high frame rates of 120+ FPS then We'd recommend taking the plunge on a Samurai Platinum which will sit comfortable above 120FPS on High settings.

Samurai Platinum


The Samurai series is the perfect match for games like fortnite, so if that's your game of choice - check out the Samurai Series Today!